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Senior Data Engineer @Grab. Content Creator and ex-Data Scientist
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I have been using Airflow for a long time. Airflow is always my top favorite scheduler in our workflow management system. Whenever I discuss “building a scheduler”, my head immediately pops out the “Airflow” word.

At first, my Airflow is running using docker container and CeleryExecutor. It was working fine…

** This article covers the most recent exam syllabus. I took the exam in 13th June 2020 **

In this guide, I will explain the idea of Azure Data Scientist Associate, the content of the exam, preparations, and some keys take away after the course.

Image by me

I spend roughly 50 hours…

I have been working with Python for sometimes. Most of the time I build the machine learning API and spend times playing with algorithms, I haven’t seriously taking the Analysis part. I taught myself for data analysis through courses, video,..etc.. and it comes a time I think that I have…

Calvin Canh Tran

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